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Graphic & Illustrative Design

Whether you require a logo design, branding package, advertising design, illustration or something more unique/specific; I am here to bring your vision to life without costing you an arm & a leg! Graphic design & illustration is the area of my work I enjoy the most.

Responsive Websites

Website Design has taken a new turn with the growing number of users accessing your site through phones, tablets & other media. Depending on your audience, you can make sure your site looks best on all devices although a fixed layout may still be relevant.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Looking for better Search Engine Results? Then welcome to SEO hospital. I build all my sites with a focus on SEO & Design but I find many clients coming to me for advice with pre-existing sites where the same care was not taken from the beginning. I'm here to help!

Marketing Consultancy

If you require advice on how to market your product or service, please drop me a line. Together we can put a marketing plan in place that will get the results you require, while you reep the benefits & keep that wheel turning!

"Good Design
is good business"

Thomas J. Watson

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About Me

Hi, my name is Niamh & I'm a design nomad. Comfortable in many different areas, I love creating logos, branding & identity packages, graphic art, websites, marketing campaigns & optimising for search engines. I constantly train myself by keeping up to date with all the latest trends in a fast moving industry while also having myself firmly rooted in traditional design methods & theory.

We Envision

By we, I mean us together. I want to work closely with my clients in order to create their design/marketing vision. Although I work freelance team work is very important to me, especially where your own idea for your brand is concerned.

My Experience

What makes me a good designer? Experience. I've been producing all sorts of design for years, starting in my Dad's studio since I was in nappies & I have the photos to prove it! I grew up around art & design, paint, ink, pastel with a few miscellaneous objects thrown in for good measure. Along with that, a stint in art college, constantly studying & refining my digital/traditional skills (because I believe knowledge is power) & I never want to stop learning. Most importantly, I have almost 15 year's professional experience in the industry but my own integrity in my work is also key.

Niamh O'Meara - Daly | Graphic Designer

Here I am climbing the Dolomites with my husband, Paolo. It's good to get away from that computer sometimes!!

niamh o'meara - daly - designer

...& let's not forget Oscar, that little bundle of boldness, who quite likes my office shelving

oscar - office shelf thief

NOMAD | niamh o'meara - daly, graphic designerproviding your cross-media design solutions


CORNUCOPIA's new online store is now live at This project included logo re-design, online store functionality, Worldwide shipping, customer account login, custom development, newsletter integration & design, InstaShop & Messenger integration, client training along with targeted SEO, which is ongoing.

If you like what you see, please don't hesitate to contact me directly to discuss your project!

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Graphics & Website Design: John Slattery Hygienic Applications

Graphics & Website Design

Graphic design examples for John Slattery Hygienic Applications. Check out his website at

Logo Design: DJD Photography

Property Website Design & Dev

Custom property website design & development with direct hook up to their office system

Branding & Website Design: Tara Placements Ltd.

Branding & Website Design

This project included a complete brand identity design package with website design

Logo Redesign: Carey Corbett Financial Solutions

Logo Redesign

Carey Corbett Financial Solutions came to me looking for a logo redesign, with a clearer usage of typography & graphics.

Please feel free to contact me & we can discuss your project!